Eucharistic Adoration St. Mary Star of the Sea

“Could you not watch one hour with Me? ”
Imagine Our Blessed Mother, the Pope, or the President inviting you to set aside one special hour each week to be with them. You would feel like the most important person in the world! You would be overjoyed. You would tell all your friends about it. You would be faithrful every week in keeping your scheduled time. Should you respond to Our Blessed Lord’s invitation with any less enthusiasm? “The only time our Lord asked the Apostles for anything was the night when He went into His agony. But as often in the history of the church since that time, evil was awake, but the disciples were asleep. That is why there came out of His anguished and lonely Heart a sigh: “Could you not watch one hour with Me?” (Mt 26:40). Not for an hour of activity did he plead, but for an hour of friendship.” Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen).

To sign up for an adoration slot, please contact Joanne Wright at 978-745-6712, or Lorrie Doucette at 978-578-6674.

If you don’t feel you can commit to a slot yet, just come in and visit wit the Lord! You will be glad you did!