Hipsters, coffee, and Jesus

chemex coffee

Hipsters tend to get a bad rap for embracing this “just chillin’” lifestyle. They are accused of spending more time dawdling than working. And it might be a valid complaint in some cases.

But isn’t there something to be said for slowing down and having a good conversation over a cup of slow-brewed coffee? Everything about the Merc invites the customer to take a moment to relax and spend time with friends. It’s not a spot to place an order and hurry on to your next commitment.

In a lot of ways the Merc is an image of Christian prayer.

In the midst of our busy lives we often treat our prayer life like a Starbucks drive-thru instead of a pour-over. We hurry through our prayers or gloss over them as we speed through the day, never taking the time to listen to Jesus.

Hipsters, coffee, and Jesus: What we can learn about prayer from cups brewed one at a time by Matthew PeteschTo read the rest of Mr. Petesh’s article click here.

Feast of St. James – the Botafumeiro

“The Botafumeiro is a famous thurible found in the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral (in the past similar devices were used in large churches in Galicia, nowadays sometimes is used in the Tui Cathedral). Incense is burned in this swinging metal container, or ‘incensory’. The name ‘Botafumeiro’ means ‘moke expeller’ in Galician…” –for more information follow this link

Message from Mr. Daniel Bouchard, Principal

saint mary school

Dear SMS Community,

As you have heard, on Thursday, June 30th, there was a tragic accident in Methuen and St. Mary parishioner and school father, Tim Reinwald sadly lost his life. Many of us have been thinking about how we may help Tim and his family during this very difficult time and are turning to the Lord for help, guidance and strength.

St. Mary’s parishioner, Carol Augulewicz, Father Mahoney, and I have been trying to think of ways for people to gather in prayer to honor Mr. Reinwald, and support his family.

So, on Tuesday, July 5th, in the adoration chapel in St. Mary Parish (lower church) between 7:30am and 7:30pm, in a particular way, we can gather in quiet prayer (with your children if you choose) for Mr. Reinwald and his family. We will have a table set up with prayer cards where you (and your children) may write a short note to the family and they will be delivered to them as a group from their parish and school community. This may be particularly helpful to those families with children who may a little young to attend the services, but would like to help in some way. (A picture of the card is below)

During these difficult and uncertain times, the Lord wants nothing more than for us to “Come to Him”. I invite you to join us as the Beverly Community to pray for Tim, his family, and his children. May God grant him peace.

Mr. Bouchard