Stella Concert Series – Friday April 29 at 7pm St. Mary Star of the Sea Church


On Friday, April 29 at 7pm the inaugural season of the Stella Concert Series draws to a close with this wonderful event featuring the combined choirs and soloists of St. Mary Star of the Sea and St. Adelaides, performing sacred choral masterworks with full orchestra under the direction of St. Mary’s Music Director Patrick Valentino.

Program features Mozart’s Ave Verum Corpus and Laudate Dominum, Faure’s Cantique de Jean Racine, and concludes with Vivaldi’s magnificent Gloria in D. This concert is free and open to the public, donations welcome.

This concert will be repeated on April 30 at St. Adelaides (708 Lowell St. Peabody) at 7pm as well.

Lynch Scholarship

st john st mary schools

The Lynch Scholarship, established in memory of William A. Lynch, offers scholarship money to young parishioners who are furthering their education at a college or university. To qualify, applicants must: 1) be a Saint John or Saint Mary graduate, 2) participate in the church and community, and 3) excel academically. Contact Evangeline Egizi at or (978)998-6848 to obtain a scholarship application. Completed applications must be received at the Saint Mary School office by 2:00 PM on Friday, May 20th.

Bishop Barron on “Amoris Laetitia”

Fr. Robert Barron

…In regard to the moral objectivities of marriage, the Pope is bracingly clear. He unhesitatingly puts forward the Church’s understanding that authentic marriage is between a man and a woman, who have committed themselves to one another in permanent fidelity, expressing their mutual love and openness to children, and abiding as a sacrament of Christ’s love for his Church (52, 71). He bemoans any number of threats to this ideal, including moral relativism, a pervasive cultural narcissism, the ideology of self-invention, pornography, the “throwaway” society, etc. He explicitly calls to our attention the teaching of Pope Paul VI in Humanae Vitae regarding the essential connection between the unitive and the procreative dimensions of conjugal love (80). Moreover, he approvingly cites the consensus of the recent Synod on the Family that homosexual relationships cannot be considered even vaguely analogous to what the Church means by marriage (251). He is especially strong in his condemnation of ideologies that dictate that gender is merely a social construct and can be changed or manipulated according to our choice (56). Such moves are tantamount, he argues, to forgetting the right relationship between creature and Creator. Finally, any doubt regarding the Pope’s attitude toward the permanence of marriage is dispelled as clearly and directly as possible: “The indissolubility of marriage—‘what God has joined together, let no man put asunder’ (Mt 19:6) —should not be viewed as a ‘yoke’ imposed on humanity, but as a ‘gift’ granted to those who are joined in marriage…”…

To read Bishop Barron’s full commentary please click here.

The Sacrament of Penance in Beverly


Opportunities for Confession in Beverly

Saturday Afternoons

  • St. Mary Star of the Sea (Lower Church) – 2:30-3:15pm
  • St. John the Evangelist – 3:15-3:45pm
  • St. Margaret – 5:00-5:20pm

Or by appointment – Please contact our office, 978-922-0113

What the Church Teaches on Confession

Those who approach the sacrament of Penance obtain pardon from the mercy of God for the offence committed against Him and are at the same time reconciled with the Church, which they have wounded by their sins, and which by charity, example, and prayer seeks their conversion.

From Lumen Gentium, the Second Vatican Council. The full text of Lumen Gentium may be found here.

The same result follows from the opinions of those who assert that little importance should be given to the frequent confession of venial sins. Far more important, they say, is that general confession which the Spouse of Christ, surrounded by her children in the Lord, makes each day by the mouth of the priest as he approaches the altar of God. As you well know, Venerable Brethren, it is true that venial sins may be expiated in many ways which are to be highly commended. But to ensure more rapid progress day by day in the path of virtue, We will that the pious practice of frequent confession, which was introduced into the Church by the inspiration of the Holy spirit, should be earnestly advocated. By it genuine self-knowledge is increased, Christian humility grows, bad habits are corrected, spiritual neglect and tepidity are resisted, the conscience is purified, the will strengthened, a salutary self-control is attained, and grace is increased in virtue of the Sacrament itself. Let those, therefore, among the younger clergy who make light of or lessen esteem for frequent confession realize that what they are doing is alien to the Spirit of Christ and disastrous for the Mystical Body of our Savior.

From Mystici Corporis Christi by Pope Pius XII. The full text may be found here.


Wednesday Evening Bible Study – 7pm Parish Collaborative Offices

Wednesday Evening 7-8:30pm – Bible Study (Men and Women) – The Gospel of Matthew with Jeff Cavins. Location: Parish Collaborative Offices 552 Cabot St. (St. John’s Rectory). To sign up please contact David Bearse,

Upcoming Sessions
April 6 – Chapters 22-23
April 13 – Chapters 24-25
April 27 – Chapter 26
May 4 – Chapter 27
May 11 – Chapter 28

Easter Vigil Homily – Pope Francis

Vatican Pope

The Lord is alive and wants to be sought among the living. After having found him, each person is sent out by him to announce the Easter message, to awaken and resurrect hope in hearts burdened by sadness, in those who struggle to find meaning in life. There is so necessary today. However, we must not proclaim ourselves. Rather, as joyful servants of hope, we must announce the Risen One by our lives and by our love; otherwise we will be only an international organization full of followers and good rules, yet incapable of offering the hope for which the world longs.

How can we strengthen our hope? The liturgy of this night offers some guidance. It teaches us to remember the works of God. The readings describe God’s faithfulness, the history of his love towards us. The living word of God is able to involve us in this history of love, nourishing our hope and renewing our joy. The Gospel also reminds us of this: in order to kindle hope in the hearts of the women, the angel tells them: “Remember what [Jesus] told you” (v. 6). Remember the words of Jesus, remember all that he has done in our lives. Let us not forget his words and his works, otherwise we will lose hope and become “hopeless” Christians. Let us instead remember the Lord, his goodness and his life-giving words which have touched us. Let us remember them and make them ours, to be sentinels of the morning who know how to help others see the signs of the Risen Lord.

To read the rest of the Pope’s homily, please follow this link to the Vatican’s website.

Message from our Pastor

st mary st margaret st john 2-1

Dear Friends in Christ,

The great Feast of Easter renews our lives and restores our hope. It is a celebration of victory over sin and death, won for us by our God. What profound love is revealed in Jesus taking upon himself our guilt in His death and restoring our life in His Resurrection! The darkness of the tomb has been replaced by the bright dawn of Resurrected Life. As disciples of Christ, we are no longer to live in darkness but in light. We are an Easter people. By virtue of Baptism, we are children of the “Light”. Let us ever more strive to live out our restored dignity in Christ. It is our Christian calling to illuminate the world by the Light we have received. It is a Light of faith, that shows the path of righteousness and truth. It is a Light of hope, that overcomes obstacles and challenges. It is a Light of love, that brings about harmony, shows compassion and reveals the very face of our God. May our alleluias ring forth with resounding echoes throughout this Easter Season!

With joyful blessings,

Fr. Mark